Access Guide For Crown Cottage Farm B&B, Embsay

My B&B has 3 bedrooms for bed and breakfast. It is also our family home and we look forward to welcoming you.

When booking you will be asked for a letter of confirmation and a small deposit which is non-refundable. Then you will receive a confirmation letter.

Arrival & Car Parking Facilities
My House is situated ¾ of a mile from the village centre. Turning right into farmyard where there is ample private car parking, on level ground. Walking from the car to the main front door.

Main Entrance & Reception
Door knocker is in centre of main door. Small threshold at front door, width of door is 33inches. There are no steps into the B&B.

Public Areas - General (Internal)
The dining area is to the right of the main entrance, this leads through to the lounge area. Both the dining area and lounge are on the same level.

In the house there are 3 bedrooms, all of which are on the 1st floor, which involves 13 steps up a staircase that bends round to the right. The steps are 33inches wide and 8inches high.
Bedroom 1 and 2 have a 8in step into each room. There are no steps into their en-suite. Bedroom 3 and its bathroom are off the landing area and have no steps into them. The door widths are all 28inchs.

Bedroom 1 and 2 have en-suite with showers, toilets and washbasins.
The other bathroom is a private room across the landing. This has a bath with shower above, toilet and washbasin. None en-suite or the bathroom have steps into them. The door widths are 28inches.

Contact Information
Address: Crown Cottage Farm, Pasture Road, Embsay, Skipton, North Yorkshire. BD23 6PR
Telephone: 01756 794618
Emergency number: 07966912210 (mobile)
Local accessible taxi numbers: 01756 794444